Development & Support

"Our Family Book" and the OFB & Gedcom Service Programs were developed by  » Diedrich Hesmer, Herrenberg (D) « a user of the Genealogy programs "Ahnenforscher", "Brothers Keeper", "FTM" and "Legacy".

In case of questions about the program, for any support or recommendation to improve the program, please send a mail to the address below.

Remote support by TeamViewer

In case of problems I offer you my direct support at your PC. If the software "TeamViewer remote support" is not yet installed, you have to download it by this link "TeamViewer remote support". I recommend to store it on the desktop.

After download start the software without installation by click on "TeamViewerQS.exe". You will get the following screen. TeamViewerQS After a short time the textfields "Your Id" and "Password" will be filled (Internet access is required). Now I need these 2 data to get access to your PC.
  • Your Id is fix and valid only for your PC.
  • The password will change with every start of the program and is valid only for 1 session.

Only by your criticism the program will become better.


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