Licensing - OFB and GSP

The OFB/GSP bundle and the GSP program package and associated files are shareware in the present version. The copyrights and license agreements as described in the OFB manual apply to both. As shareware, this is fully functional even without a valid license key except for the following exceptions:

Process to get a license

  1. Send an email - addresses see menu item "Imprint" - to me with the information, which name for the license ownership you would like to get. This must be in the form "FirstName LastName, Location" and at least 10 chars long. Of course, middle initials, middle names and/or titles etc. may be included. Please note, that these information later will show up at the main window and at the end of each output file as "Name of the author".

    Information on data protection: With this order you accept that I save this data and your email address on my PC. At the same time I will add you to the distribution list for new product versions. This can be revoked at any time by email.

    Please also inform me about your genealogy program for storing and managing your data and the operating system of your PC. This allows me a faster and better support in case of questions.
  2. I will inform you about my Bank account resp "PayPal" account for the money transfer.
  3. After receiving the license fees I will send to you by email a personal license file, storing the information about "License owner" und "License key". The name of the license file will be "obf-YourName.lic", resp. "gsp-YourName.lic", where "YourName" will be created from parts of your name. This file will be packed to a zip-file.
  4. Store this file on your hard disk in a save folder. Extract your personal license file from the zip-file.
The license fee for each user is:

Activation of the license

To activate the license on your PC, proceed as follows:
  1. Call from the OFB Start Center resp. the GSP Start Center the license management by pressing the "License" key. Now the standard file load screen will show up. Load the personal license file from the save folder. This will transfer the information about license owner and license key to a central license file "ofb.lic" resp. "gsp.lic". An appropriate message will inform you about the results.
    In case of error messages you may just run a copy of the personal license file, rename the file to "ofb.lic" resp. "gsp.lic", but only if this is the only license on the PC. Now move this file to the Data folder (see "Info" at the Start Center).
  2. With the entry in the "ofb.lic" the programs of the OFB/GSP bundle, with "gsp.lic" the programs of the GSP package, are activated for unlimited output for you as licensee.

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