Development & Support

"Our Family Book", the OFB & Gedcom Service Programs and the Gedcom Map Programs were developed by  » Diedrich Hesmer, Herrenberg (DE) « a user of the Genealogy programs "Ahnenforscher", "Brothers Keeper", "FTM" and "Legacy".

In case of questions about the programs, for any support or recommendation to improve the programs, please send a mail to the address below.

Remote support by TeamViewer

In case of problems I offer you my direct support at your PC. If the software "TeamViewer remote support" is not yet installed, you have to download it by click on the following TeamViewer button. I recommend to store it on the desktop.
Remote Support by TeamViewer Remote access
via TeamViewer

After download start the software without installation by click on "TeamViewerQS.exe". You will get the following or similar screen. TeamViewerQS After a short time the textfields "Your Id" and "Password" will be filled (Internet access is required). Now I need these 2 data to get access to your PC.
  • Your Id is fix and valid only for your PC.
  • The password will change with every start of the program and is valid only for 1 session.

Only by your criticism the programs will become better.


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