OFB - Our Family Book

Will also handle ged files according to GEDCOM 7 specification

A program to create HTML-based Family Books, Ancestry Lists and Village Family Books.

Main screen


"Our Family Book" – called OFB  – is a report generator for Family books, Ancestry lists, Ancestors' lists and Village Family Books and related index lists and statistical analyses of different and variable setup. To do this it will read Gedcom files, exported and provided by other genealogy programs. The main benefit beside the high flexibility for the output design is the identical output, independent of the genealogy program creating the Gedcom file. A detailed user guide is available at the Download area.

In addition to the Gedcom files (*.ged), the GEDZIP archives (*.gdz) introduced with GEDCOM 7.0 are also processed .


The "OFB" has following functions:

Report Examples

Following some example reports:
Here an actual report:

Data Fields

Following data fields will be handled by the OFB, if the data are provided by the Gedcom file:
Data of Individuum:
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Name prefix
  • Name suffix
  • Additions to name (all other data) *)
  • "Rufname" **)
  • Sex
  • Birth / Christening / Death / Burial:
    for each of them date, place, additional data *) + relationships for the event
  • Cause of death + status yes/no for died
  • Age at death
  • Database-Id: @Xnn@ of the ged-file
  • RefId-nbr: freely definable by user
  • Living place (only names)
  • Additions to living place (all other data) *)
  • Place of Origin (only names)
  • Additions to place of Origin (all other data) *)
  • Family name (for females after marriage)
  • Additions to family name (all other data) *)
  • Education
  • Occupations (only names)
  • Additions to occupations (all other data) *)
  • Working place
  • Farm name (flexible changeable)
    Instructions for use can be found here.
  • Additions to farm name (all other data) *)
  • Source for person
  • Religion
  • Standard tag groups person: Titel: Text, text, ...
  • Special tags person: Titel: Text
  • Note for person
  • Address: Street, Postcode Address location, Country, Phone, Fax, Email, ...
  • Adoption
  • Further relationship: to/from whom ... (person) + Naming
  • Pictures: picture + Titel
  • Other Media: filename (incl path) + Titel
Data of Family:
  • Marriage / none-marital partnership: each of them date, place, additional data *) + relationships for the event + status yes/no for married
  • Divorce / Separation: same as marriage + status yes/no for divorced
  • Age at marriage
  • Database-Id: @Xnn@ of the ged-file
  • Standard tags family: Titel: Text, text, ...
  • Special tags family: Titel: Text
  • Sources for family
  • Note for family
  • Address: Street, Postcode Address location, Country, Phone, Fax, Email, ...
  • Further relationship: to/from whom ... (person) + Naming
*) These additional data and data fields for note are collection data fields to store Gedcom data for the affected event resp. attribute, which have no own data field.
**)"Rufname" is one part of official German documents (i.e. birth records), and describes in case of multiple given names one selected given name by underlining it in the document.

System Requirements

The OFB should run on all Windows PC's from Win 7 and higher and also on Mac PC's with the Mac OS that allows to boot the Mac in Windows.

The program has been written using "Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2015". It is required, that the system software

must be installed on the users PC, before the OFB can be installed. This will be checked during installation by the setup program. In case this software is missing the installation aborts with an appropriate message. The "Framework" has to be installed manually before restarting the OFB setup.

By the following link "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5" may be downloaded for free from the Microsoft download Center. After download install it by double click on the filename.

Alternatively the software may be downloaded and installed by the Windows Update Function.

Installation & Update

The OFB is a package of programs, packed into an installation file, containing

General Remark

MS "Vista/Win7/8/10/11" Operating system handles the access rights to the Programm folder "C:\Program Files\..." more restrictive than "XP" and all previous systems. Only "administrators" have the right to write to the program folders. With this setup as Data folder the folder "C:\User\[YourName]\AppData\Roaming\OFB\" (or a similar one) will be created. To this folder all ini files and license files will be written by the OFB. The user guides have to be added by the Update function of the Start Center.
In case you are not working as "Administrator", you should use as Program folder e.g. the folder "C:\OFB" or any other folder, but never "C:\Program Files\...". You also may do this as administrator. In this case no separate Data folder will be created, but the Program folder will be used as Data folder.
The actual path information of the folders will be listed in a screen after pushing the "Info" at the right top of the OFB Start Center.


The required steps for installation are:
  1. Download the installation file "ofb-setup.exe" from the Download area to any folder
  2. From this folder start the file "ofb-setup.exe".
  3. The setup will check, if all requirements (see above) are met. Are all requirements met, first the language selection screen to define the language to be installed, then the welcome screen of the setup assistant shows up to guide the further installation.
  4. Setup checks if you have the rights of an administrator. As administrator the installation folder "C:\Program Files\OFB" will be pre selected, as normal user "C:\OFB" will be preselected (a normal user has no rights to write to "C:\Program Files\...".
  5. A choose component screen allows the selection of following groups: It is recommended to select all components.
  6. Shortcut for all programs installed will be created in the program menu.
  7. A link between the program "OFB" and the file type *.ofd for the OFB Definition files, "OFB-GedcomProfil" and *.ogp for the Profile files, "OFB-ColorFont" and *.ocf for the Color/Font files and between the individual GSP-definition files (*.g?sd) and their associated GSP-programs will be created.
At the end of installation the OFB Start Center should be started. The selected installation language will also be the language of the OFB. By clicking "Info" (top right) the actual path information will be shown.
Note: If you are using Vista and the Start Center does not start or other failures shows up and the installation folder is "C:\Program Files\...", you most likely down have administration rights. In this case de-install the OFB and install it again, but to folder "C:\OFB" or any other folder, but not "C:\Program Files\...".

Now the User Guides should be loaded by the "Update" function of the start center from the server to your PC to be available when pushing the "Help" button of the programs. Prerequisite is to link the pdf-files to a pdf-reader.

In addition the Gedcom profile file matching your genealogy program should be loaded after initial installation from the Download area to the desired folder (e.g. "C:\Data\OFB\files\") and, if needed, customized.

USB Stick Installation

To install the OFB and all Service Programs on an USB stick start the OFB Start Center and push "USB Transfer". This copies all program- and data-files (optional incl. the license file "ofb.lic") from the PC to any folder of the stick.

The programs may be executed, if all system requirements for the OFB are met on the PC connected to the USB stick.


An update from the current to a new version can be done automated by the Start Center button "Update". A manual update follows the installation procedure and the old files will be replaced by the new ones. Thereafter all functions are available again, including the newest update.

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